Kazakhstan has stepped up the fight against illegal gambling

During the introduction of quarantine measures for pandemic coronavirus cases of termination of the illegal gambling in Kazakhstan. As a rule, we are talking about illegal casinos operating in the ground segment. A favorite place of illegal operators is the city of Almaty.

 According to the current legislation of the country, activities to provide services related to gambling is permitted only in the two regions. Suppression of illegal activities carried out throughout the country, supervised by local police departments and the Financial Monitoring Committee.

 Despite the ban, May 4, it was found that in one of the apartments of the residential complex in Almaty has organized the work of an illegal gambling facility.

 While the scan is not only employees authorized gambling establishments, were found in the apartment, but also visitors. At the initial examination cases poker containing playing cards, chips and cash were found.

 The organizers of the games the players have established a closed passage system could enter into only proven and loyal customers. Upon violations were initiated pre-trial investigation. Persons in time of inspection at the casino will be brought to administrative responsibility for violation of the rules of emergency.

 We have previously reported on one case, the organization of illegal gambling establishments in Kazakhstan, more on this in the material.

 Another case was registered security forces in late April. It should be noted that despite the fact that the fight against illegal gambling conducted in the country permanently, in the last few months, since the beginning of the quarantine, the cases of detection of illegal objects increased. A special feature is the fact that the underground casino visitors, against https://getcasinoslots.com/free-online-slots/lucky-miners-online-slot/ which previously were subject to administrative sanctions, and now there are fined for violating the state of emergency regulations.

 Gambling establishment, found in April, contained not only poker sets, but also for the gambling tables.

 Recall that an expert opinion on the decision of the gambling market in Kazakhstan unspoken problems is contained in our separate article.

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